Enhancing Courtesy and Awareness among Chautauqua’s Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Motorists.

Because the Chautauqua grounds encompass a mere 600 acres whose population often swells to 10,000 summer visitors and residents (“Chautauquans” all), your CPOA asks you to please remember we live and play in a “shared space.”

OUR MISSION:  To foster and support actions of Mutual Respect, Civility and Courtesy among Chautauquans by establishing on-going friendly Reminders that Awareness of how our Actions and Attitudes affect others and the Use of Courtesy and Respect are Important Practices in making Chautauqua’s densely populated core a Civil, Pleasant, Walkable, Safe and Mobile Community.


We are CONCERNED that mobility challenges arising on the grounds often cause hardships or frustrations and may risk potential physical harm for all Chautauquans;

We are CONVINCED that a vast majority of those challenges arise because not all Chautauquans realize that their actions can cause difficulties for others;

We are CONFIDENT that enhanced awareness will result in improved behavior and actions;

The CPOA invites all Chautauquans to join us in promoting safety and mobility.

We believe each Chautauquan should support a shared goal of enhancing the safe and convenient mobility and transportation needs of pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers of cars and motorized carts on the grounds. Toward this end, we encourage courtesy and respect for improved mutual mobility and to show how your personal choices affect others.

You are invited to join this SHARED SPACE INITIATIVE, to support the practice of awareness, and to encourage and model courtesy and respect with all Chautauquans.


Community volunteers are needed to help spread our message.  If you are interested in volunteering, if you have creative ideas for promoting this campaign, or if you wish to make a contribution of goods, services or finances towards the shared space effort, please contact any CPOA board member or drop us a line at Box 12 Chautauqua.


  • ask “how my actions affect others”
  • choose considerate over convenient
  • think about others in your space
  • understand we’re in this together 


  • make eye contact
  • slow down to match the crowd
  • don’t block or hinder the by-ways of others
  • park cars only where permitted



  • conduct family discussions with children
  • inform renters of “shared space” concerns
  • require private workers to respect shared space