To join the CPOA or renew your membership, please follow one of these three options: 
CPOA Yearly Membership: $20.
Donations above $20 are also graciously accepted.

1. by PayPal: 

  • Go to and log in..

  • Click “Pay or Send Money”, then “Send Money to Friends and Family” and then write in the email address: .

  • Click “Next” and input the amount you want to send. (Dues are $20 and we appreciate any donation you can add to your dues.)

  • In the “Add a Note” box, please write your name and Chautauqua address so we attribute the dues payment accurately. Then click “Continue” and then “Send Money Now” and you’re all set. You will get an email confirmation of the money sent.

2. By mail:

  • Download and print the CPOA 2019 Membership Card.

  • Fill out and return the card along with your $20 check (made payable to the Chautauqua Property Owners Association) to:
    Treasurer, Chautauqua Property Owners Association
    P. O. Box 12
    Chautauqua, NY14722

3. by Credit OR DEBIT Card:

Please select an amount from the dropdown menu and then submit your payment below.

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