Chautauqua Property Owners Association (CPOA)

The Mission of the CPOA is to enhance the Chautauqua experience, quality of life, and sense of community of Chautauqua property owners.

 We will achieve our Mission and Vision through three primary courses of action:

 1.     Building Community among Chautauqua property owners – through various celebrations, events and other activities.

 2.    Communications– facilitating communication among and between property owners, Chautauqua Institution and other concerned parties for the purpose of information, education and advocacy. 

 3.    Advocacy– advocating in the most effective manner with all concerned parties for major issues of concern to Chautauqua’s property owners.  

CPOA is working for you:

A communications platform that allows for access to information and networks that benefit Chautauqua Institution residents

Access to an ombudsman to liaise with the Chautauqua Institution Administration

Newsletters that keep you up to date on home owner happenings, issues and initiatives

Summer CPOA Area Picnics and Porch Chats

Pre-season Potluck Dinner at the Athenaeum

A Shared Space Program to communicate safety and transportation guidelines for Chautauqua Institution visitors and residence

Current information about Environment Awareness and Lake Conservancy Activities

An opportunity to voice your opinion through CPOA membership surveys with results directly communicated to the Chautauqua Institution Administration and Board

Updates regarding ARB proposals and decisions that impact Chautauqua Institution's public spaces