The interests of owners are broad and varied, but for the purposes of this Association are defined in terms of their pertinence to property ownership.  In the past and/or currently, the CPOA has taken on projects related to:

  • The character of the Institution in terms of its long-term development as related to land usage, building construction and architectural concepts.
  • The condition of the Grounds, which impacts upon the use of property: vehicular traffic, roads, landscaping, security, cleanliness, etc.
  • The problem of school and county/town taxes and, therefore, costs of owning property on the grounds.
  • The availability, quality and costs of water and sewer services and of garbage and trash collection.



Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is an important facet of being at Chautauqua.  The CPOA is working with Chautauqua Institution and National Grid to find light fixtures that illuminate the streets while reducing glare.

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Shared Space

The shared space initiative promotes courtesy and awareness among Chautauqua’s pedestrians, bicyclists, motorized scooters, golf carts, and automobiles.

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