The Chautauqua Property Owners Association is an organization of Chautauqua Institution property owners who are dedicated to: 

  1. The philosophy expressed in Chautauqua Challenge. 
  2. The representation and consideration of all concerns expressed by the membership. 
  3. The maintenance and enhancement of the quality of life in this community. 
  4. The enhancement of a mutually beneficial relationship between our community and its neighbors. 
  5. The facilitation of communication with the administration of Chautauqua.

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To contact any of the CPOA members, please use the telephone numbers listed below or contact us by email: cpoarepresentative@gmail.com

President Barbara Brady 716-357-0005
Vice President Jim Vance 201-323-6816
Treasurer Jeff Lutz 313-971-9027
Secretary Paul Perry 614-203-7800
Area Representatives | Click here to view an Area Map
Area 1 Karen Conover 203-788-9137
Area 2 Linda Turri 716-573-4791
Area 3 OPEN
Area 4 Jane Stirniman 716-237-0228
Area 5 John Dilley 716-357-5803
Area 6 Suzanne Shull 404-281-0790
Area 7 Fred Rice 216-219-0392
Area 8 OPEN
Area 9 OPEN 716-357-4507
Area 10 Carrie Zachry 512-507-4232
Member at Large Darlyne Johnston 716-357-3611
Property Owner Trustees
Trustee Bob Jeffrey 727-542-4780
Trustee Hugh Butler 801-560-4848
Trustee Jamie Klingensmith 716-357-3751
Trustee Bill Neches 716-357.2189
POWR Richard Parlato 802-310-9487
Public Relations John Ford 703-627-7982