Chautauqua Property Owner Survey 2016

Dear Property Owners,

To help us better understand your needs, viewpoints and priorities - and to help us better serve you - we are asking all property owners to complete a brief survey.

To complete the survey click on the Survey image below.

Thanks for your time and contribution of ideas.  We appreciate both!  

Your CPOA Board of Directors

Chautauqua Property Owners Association (CPOA)

The Chautauqua Property Owners Association (CPOA) serves as a communication link between individuals who own residences on the grounds and the administrative officers and trustees of Chautauqua Institution.

As such, it has primary responsibility to represent to the Institution the interests and needs of the owners. A corollary of this purpose is a responsibility to convey to owners the concerns and needs of the Institution's officers and trustees.

The Association holds meetings open to dues paying owners at which its business is transacted. An Executive Committee includes officers and area representatives residing in designated sections on the Institution grounds that represent their sections and provide a personal contact for owners to convey their concerns to the Executive Committee and to the Institution.

The interests of the owners are broad and varied, but for the purposes of this Association are defined in terms of their pertinence to property ownership.

CPOA is working for you:

CPOA Area Picnics

CPOA Pre-Season Potluck Dinner

Outdoor Lighting Activity

CPOA Shared Space Program

Safety and Transportation

Created a dog park

Installed a new water fountain in the Florida Pavilion Bestor Plaza

Purchased new examination tables for Westfield Clinic in Chautauqua

Negotiated the Chatuaqua Ptrogram with Time Warner Cable

Supports Westfield Hospital

Environmental Awareness Concerns

Supports Chautauqua Lake Association

Supports Chautauqua Lake Alliance

Supports the Watershed Conservancy

North Lake Informed Citizens